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All Balance Pads

Contain energized water infused with a plasma field. The pads bring balance to the body, emotions and environment.

Bands of Life

Bands of Life

An easy and inexpensive way to energize your water and share with others. Use on the inside or the outside of your body.

Cup of Life

Cup of Life - (Out of Stock)

Take it with you everywhere! Infused with CO2/Zinc GANS, Amino Acids and Various minerals. Made of BPA free plastic.

Fertilizer Tubes

Fertilizer Tubes

Grow healthy plants by watering your house and garden plants with energized water with Fertilizer Plasma.

Blue Tube Pen Tips

Plasma Devices (Blue Tube)

Designed to move easily around the body and dipped in the plasma solutions that are used in Miracle.

All Pads

On Sale Now! Small Balance Pads!

Bring balance to the body, emotions and environment. Buy 2 or more and save 20%.

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